Top Places to Visit & Things to Do in Nepal


Top Places to Visit & Things to Do in Nepal

One of the writers of Lonely Planet described Nepal as a place where ‘there is always another adventure,’ and one couldn’t agree more. Nepal is full of opportunities, not only those that deal with adventure but in every aspect, right from a pilgrimage to sightseeing. This bustling tourist destination is something that can push your limits, surprise you sometimes and make you fall in love with it on several occasions. However, to get the best of this country may need a few trips but one can still manage to stuff one visit with multiple hues of Nepal if planned right. Here are 20 top places to visit and things to do in this ethereal country that can make each trip of yours here memorable.

Sitting beside the scenic Lake Phewa, Pokhara is the perfect leisure destination in Nepal. No, don’t consider the place to be boring with nothing to do other than enjoying the view of the lake and the surroundings or spending leisure hours in the luxe hotel you booked. Pokhara is popular as the ‘Gateway to Annapurna Circuit,’ and it offers an incredible opportunity for paragliding like no destination can, and yet it maintains its poise and tranquillity to serve as one travel places in Nepal that you cannot ever forget. The River Seti that flanks Pokhara also give the adventure lovers the chance to enjoy thrilling white water river rafting. There are also a number of treks for which this beautiful destination in Nepal is the base. So, the bottom line is Pokhara is a must-visit and it would be a crime to miss out on this one of its kind places.

It goes without saying that every capital city in the world is touristy and has plenty to engage visitors. And the same goes for Kathmandu as well, this capital of Nepal offers a glimpse of the country’s different aspects making travellers even more greedy for exploration. Kathmandu and its nearby destination, Thamel are considered an ideal base for adventure/trekkers and those wanting to enjoy the view of the famous Mount Everest. Kathmandu is also the best place to buy all your trekking and mountain climbing gears. Apart from it, the city is ideal for a pilgrimage tour, it is here the Hindu’s most revered temple, Pashupati Nath is situated. It also houses exquisite and sacred Buddhist shrines like that of Boudhanath and Swayambhunath. Kathmandu is also the best place for trying the Nepali cuisine, witnessing the traditional craft, practising and learning yoga and meditation. It is from here, the flying tour to Mount Everest is conducted.