Meet the Staff

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Meet the Staff

Krishna Lamichhane – Chairman

Our chairman is Mr Krishna Lamichhane who has set the vision for Himal Tourism Pvt. Ltd. Krishna is from the northern part of Gorkha District in Nepal, growing up in the shadow of Mt. Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world. From early on, he’s demonstrated a love for his home country and loves to show it off to visitors. Krishna has 22 years of experience in tourism, combining that love of the mighty Himalayas with traditional Nepali hospitality. He is married and has two children. His son is seven years old while his baby girl is two.

Sabi Rimal – Executive Director

Any good company needs a strong team, and Himal Tourism Pvt. Ltd. has that in Mr. SabiRimal. Sabi serves as executive director, bringing with him eight years of experience in tourism. He comes from Dhading District, which is home of the amazing Ganesh Himal mountain range. He is married with two children and has a bachelor’s degree in hospitality.

Bidur Rimal

One of the most beautiful places in all of the Himalayas is the famed Annapurna Mountain Range. BidurRimal is a tourism specialist coming from Lamjung, the gateway to the amazing Annapurna Mountains.  His hometown is known as the starting point for trekkers to start the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Bidur is married and has one son. He brings seven years of experience in tourism and hospitality to Himal Tourism Pvt. Ltd.

Eka Simkhara

When you look at where most of the trekking company guides are from, they are usually from either Gorkha or Dhading Districts. These are highly mountainous areas famed for their fantastic beauty. Eka has 14 years of experience. He’s married with three children. Like Krishna, he comes from the far northern part of Gorkha in the shadow of Mt. Manaslu.

Ram Bhattarai

Ram is also from Gorkha and serves Himal Tourism Pvt. Ltd. as a trekking guide. He brings plenty of experience to the company. He is married and has two children.

Kapil Banjara

Kapil is both a tour guide as well as a trekking guide. He brings with him over ten years of experience. Kapil is married and has two children.

Dinesh Rimal

We have plenty of highly qualified guides who speak good English and know the Himalayas. Dinesh Rimal is another of those with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality. He is married and has seven years of experience.

Eliza Sapkota

Greeting you in our office is Eliza who is known for her friendly smile as well as getting you a fast cup of hot Nepali tea. She serves as our office receptionist. She is married and has four years of hospitality.

Naba Raj Rijal

One of the first people you will meet upon arrival is Naba Raj Rijal who is our driver. He is a professional driver with 17 years of experience, providing you with safe driving skills with a smile.

Rubi Gurung – City Guide

Rubi is from the high mountain region of Dhading District in the shadow of the Ganesh Himal range. Her home village is a two-day walk from the nearest road. She comes from a long line of Gurkha soldiers in both the British and Indian armies. Rubi has her bachelor’s degree and is a government licensed city guide for the Kathmandu Valley. She’s smart, articulate and loves sharing the stories of Nepal with visitors.