Iconic Everest Base Camp Trek

Iconic Everest Base Camp Trek – Amazing 18 Days in the shadow of Mt. Everest!

There’s one place that everyone wants to visit, and that is Mt. Everest! Even if you have no desire to climb it, you sure would like to see the world’s tallest mountain. Nestled in eastern Nepal in the mighty Himalayas, Mt Everest commands the respect of all when they view this fantastic mountain in all of its majestic glory. HIMAL TOURISM PVT. LTD. knows the Everest region. With a staff that has years of experience in Himalayan tourism, they know how to plan and deliver the finest of Everest treks. The Iconic Everest Base Camp Trek is the perfect way to reach the historic Everest Base Camp where Sir Edmund Hillary and TenzingNorgaybegan their landmark climb to the peak in 1953.

The journey includes a day of sightseeing in the legendary Kathmandu Valley before flying to eastern Nepal to begin the trek. Your experienced guide will take all the necessary precautions to make sure you don’t come down with Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) as you acclimatize along the way. There will never be a dull moment as you travel upwards in elevation to reach Everest Base Camp and return through amazing alpine scenery. HIMAL TOURISM PVT. LTD is the perfect Nepali travel company to employ to make this iconic journey to the roof of the world. Book now for the most fantastic adventure!

Detail Itinerary for Everest Base Camp Trek

DAY 1 – ARRIVAL IN KATHMANDU (elev. 1350 m/4429 ft.)

Your first day in the Himalayas begins as your plane touches down at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. You will instantly be enthralled with the vibrant mountain air as you quickly pass through passport control. Grab your luggage, exit the airport where you will meet your smiling guide from Himal Tourism Pvt. Ltd. You’ll be taken to your hotel to settle in. In the evening, enjoy a welcome dinner as you meet the team that will make the Iconic Everest Base Camp Trek a memory you’ll never forget!


No trip to the Himalayas is complete without a tour of the legendary Kathmandu Valley. Larger than the country of Singapore, it is a fertile land steeped in history as well as mystery. There are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Valley. You can choose which ones you would like to visit as it is only possible to visit a maximum of four sites in one day. These places reflect the history of the various kingdoms, religious pilgrimage sites, and architecture. In the evening, enjoy dinner at your hotel (on your own) as you prepare for your journey to eastern Nepal.

DAY 3 – FLY TO LUKLA, TREK TO PHAKDING (elev. 2,652 m/8,700 ft.)

The morning begins early as you grab breakfast at your hotel, and then travel to the domestic airport to catch the flight to Lukla (elev. 2,845 m/9,334 ft.). It takes around 40 minutes to reach Lukla, flying along the very backbone of the mighty Himalayas. From your seat, gaze down at the various high mountain ranges frosted in freshly falling snow. Land at Lukla, grab your things and trek 3 – 4 hours to reach the Sherpa village of Phakding. This is a great place to spend the night as you explore the village. See the snowcapped peak of Mt. Kusum-Kangaru along the way. Explore a Buddhist monastery as well as dense pass-through jungles along the Dudh Koshi River. Spend the night in Phakding.

DAY 4 – TREK TO NAMCHE BAZAAR (elev. 3,439 m/11,283 ft.)

Yesterday was primarily downhill to Phakding; today it’s onwards and upwards to reach the principal village of the Khumbu region. Namche Bazaar is the capital of the Sherpa people. The village built like an amphitheatre into the side of the mountain. You follow the river through the dense jungle as you enter Sagarmatha National Park at the village of Monjo. Mt. Everest comes into view today along with several other amazing peaks. We will spend two nights in Namche Bazaar. Trekking time is 7 – 8 hours.


The Everest region is very high elevation, and it is standard practice to take one day in Namche Bazaar to allow your body to adjust to the thinner mountain air. No doubt you felt short of breath yesterday as you approached Namche Bazaar. The best treatment to prevent Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is to take a day to rest and adjust.

Namche Bazaar is a beautiful place to spend a day. Visit the Sherpa Museum, stop at the bakery for delicious baked goods or have a beer with the Sherpa people. The town is composed of colorful stone houses that will delight you at every turn. Enjoy the hospitality of the Sherpa people.

DAY 6 – TREK TO TYANGBOCHE (elev. 3,867 m/12,683 ft.)

We leave the beautiful village of Namche Bazaar as we continue to ascend. Mt. Everest is our constant landmark now as we climb upwards. We cross small streams along the way and gaze upwards at the brilliantly blue skies. Our destination is the village of Tyangboche, which is home to the highest Buddhist monastery in the world.  We will spend the night in this village. Trekking time is 5 – 6 hours.

DAY 7 – TREK TO DINGBOCHE (elev. 4,357 m/14,295 ft.)

The climbing gets a bit more difficult as we are ascending again to over 4,000 meters. The vegetation becomes much scarcer as we’ve crossed above the tree line. You will be amazed to see the farms that the Sherpa people have managed to create over the centuries. Not a lot grows up here, but still, they have found a way to grow food as well as to raise yaks for their milk, fur, and meat.  It will take us five hours to reach Dingboche. If we didn’t have time yesterday to explore the Buddhist monastery in Tyangboche, then today we will start the day visiting this deeply spiritual place. You will notice that Mt. Everest serves as the monasteries’ backdrop. What a wonderful place to meditate!


We’ve crossed the 4,000-meter mark, and again, we must stop and rest for the day. We realize you probably want to get to Everest Base Camp, but be advised that this stop is necessary to prevent AMS. We will do someday hiking to look at Mani Walls created by faithful Buddhists over the centuries. If you’d like we can do a hike to Nagarjuna View Point (elev. 4,999 m/16,400 ft.) to view the snowcapped peaks of Eastern Nepal as well as the green Imja Valley below. We return to our guesthouse in Dingboche for the second night of great sleep in the pristine alpine air.

DAY 9 – TREK TO LOBUCHE (elev. 4,927 m/16,164 ft.)

The adventure continues as we make our way further eastward. There are not a lot of farms today as the land will not support many people. Still, a few people live up here, and we will pass stupas and mani walls along the way. These are monuments created by the Sherpa Buddhists to honor events and ancestors. Mt. Pumori is today’s focal point along with other peaks of the Everest region. We will trek around 4 – 5 hours to reach Lobuche. It’s a tiny village, but the guest house where we will spend the night serves delicious food. Accommodations are minimal, but the people very friendly.

DAY 10 – TREK TO GORAKSHEP (elev. 5,160 m/16,929 ft.), HIKE TO MT. KALAPATTHAR (elev. 5,550 m/18,204 ft.)We are so close to Mt. Everest! We are leaving all civilization behind at Lobuche as we make our way to a spot called Gorakshep. It exists because it is where trekkers stay at their last place before Everest Base Camp. The trail is rocky, the air crisp and pure. We reach Gorakshep around noon, where we can deposit our backpacks and then take a short hike to the top of Mt. Kalapatthar. This is a trekking peak which can be climbed without any specialized equipment. It is here we get a wonderful view of Mt. Everest. It takes around two hours to climb to the top to take pictures of Mt. Everest. We return to our guesthouse at Gorakshep, where we will spend the night.

DAY 11 – HIKE TO EVEREST BASE CAMP (elev. 5,316 m/17,437 ft.)

It’s a leisurely day as we make our way to Everest Base Camp. Here we pose for pictures and greet those climbers who either are starting their journey to the top or returning in victory. We take our time as the air is thin and we want to celebrate the moment. We return to Gorakshep to relax and enjoy a delicious dinner for our last night.

DAY 12 – TREK TO PHERICHE (elev. 4,199 m/13,776 ft.)

The journey back begins today as we trek to the village of Pheriche. This is home to the Himalayan Rescue Association which aids trekkers. We can look down into the valley and see beautiful terraced farmland. The snowcapped peaks are exhilarating. We spend the night in the village at a local guest house.

DAY 13 –TREK TO PHORTSE VILLAGE (elev. 3,840 m/12,598 ft.)

It’s a small village that’s our goal today as we make our way to Phortse Village. We are making good time on our downward journey. Going downhill is always quicker, although sometimes the trails can be a bit challenging. We trek today around 6 – 7 hours to reach our guesthouse at Phortse Village.

DAY 14 – TREK TO NAMCHE BAZAAR (elev. 3,439 m/11,283 ft.)

We are returning to the principal village of the Khumbu region and its good to see its colorful stone houses once more. Along the way, we have seen more and more farms with children playing. We still breathe in the rich mountain air. In the evening, enjoy some time looking for souvenirs as well as a great dinner. Trekking time is 5 – 6 hours.

DAY 15 – TREK TO LUKLA (elev. 2,845 m/9,334 ft.)

We journey back through the dense jungle and along the Dudh Koshi River to reach the airport at Lukla. We will spend our final night here. Trekking time is 7 – 8 hours.


We return today to Kathmandu on the morning flight. For 40 minutes, we can gaze down at the mighty snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas before landing in the capital city of Nepal. Travel to our hotel where we can rest from our journey into the Khumbu region of the Himalayas.


We always schedule an extra day because Himalayan weather conditions sometimes cancel flights into Lukla. The high elevations of the Everest region create its ecosystem. If all goes according to plans, use this day to visit places in the Kathmandu Valley, read a book at a rooftop garden or just relax. In the evening, enjoy a farewell dinner with your guide and friends from Himal Tourism Pvt. Ltd.


Today you’re leaving the amazing land of the Himalayas. It’s a bittersweet moment as you’ve made so many new friends and have such an incredible adventure. However, before you leave, be sure to talk with your friends at Himal Tourism Pvt. Ltd about a return trip to the Himalayas. We can offer amazing trips to other places in Nepal as well as Tibet and Bhutan. Come and return once more to the amazing lands of the world’s highest mountains!

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