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            Namaste! This is the traditional greeting of all in the Himalayan country of Nepal. The name means greetings to the god within you. And when we meet, we honour you as if the gods have come to us in person.

            The name “Himal” means mountain in our language, and Nepal is home to thousands of mountains. They range from green hills to massifs like Mt. Everest (elev. 8,848 m/29,029 ft.). In fact, of the 14 mountains in the world to rise above 8000 meters, Nepal is home to eight of them.

            Nepal is indeed the playground of the gods created for humanity’s enjoyment. This is home of incredible trekking, mountain climbing, white-water rafting, historical tours, temple exploration, paragliding, ziplining, tiger tracking safaris and much, much more. For such a little country, Nepal has so much to offer.

            Himal Tourism Pvt. Ltd.and its people have over 22 years of experience in the tourism business. From its roots in Gorkha District in the shadow of Mt. Manaslu (8th highest mountain in the world) comes one of this country’s premier travel companies.

About us
About us

            We also offer amazing tours of neighbouring Tibet and Bhutan, all keeping within the confines of the mighty Himalayas.

            So please, explore our website for places and tours that are of interest. Once you find something that touches your spirit, contact us to discuss ways to make your dream trip a reality.

            Let Himal Tourism Pvt. Ltd. honour you in our unique Nepali tradition. We are a land of faith, and we honour the gods when they come to visit us. Namaste! We honour the God within you.

Himal Tourism - Nepal
Himal Tourism – Nepal

Thank you for your time to read about us page. If you want to book your holidays, then please contact us: https://himaltourism.com/contact-us. Similarly, if you wish to contact our Europen team then visit Himal Holidays – UK